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What is Music Therapy?: About Me
Sound Therapy

Sound therapy can have a positive influence on your brain waves, body functioning, emotional state and your spirit by allowing a synchronizing of your system with the external sounds.

Various therapeutic instruments provide balanced frequencies to shift your brainwaves and state of consciousness from faster oscillating ‘beta’ waves your high functioning processing and waking state, to the resting states; relaxed ‘alpha’, a meditative ‘theta’, and sleep ‘delta’ state, it is within these 3 resting states that deep internal healing can occur.




Your session

Sound Therapy techniques involve the use of sound waves and harmonic vibrations produced by instruments such as the human voice, sound bowls, hung drum, Native American Flute, medicine drums and more. Therapy sessions generally last between 30-60 minutes where you will be able to relax either in either a laying or comfortable seated position.


60 min sessions

90 min sessions

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