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AMTA Registered Music Therapist

Master of Creative Music Therapy,

Bachelor Public Health, Majoring in Health Promotion

What is a Registered Music Therapist? 

A Registered Music Therapist (RMT) is acknowledged as an allied health professional and is a member of the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA). The AMTA is a member organisation of Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA). 

Through research-based practice, RMTs use their professional musician skills to actively support people as they journey to improve and enhance their physical, spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing.

For more information visit www.austmta.org.au

Intuitive Music Therapy

Intuitive Music Therapy provides a safe, therapeutic environment allowing individuals to access and express their innate musical being. Renée ensures individuals feel supported to self express through music and music related activities by intuitively meeting clients where they are at in the present moment. These activities focus on developing non-musical related goals to enhance day-to-day living. 

About Renée

Based in the Sutherland Shire, Renée has been a professional musician for over 10 years. Renée has a love for playing her most primary instrument, the bass guitar, she has been playing bass guitar for over 15 years. After completing her Master's in Creative Music Therapy at the end of 2018, Renée has decided to continue sharing her creative music expertise with the world whilst passionately incorporating her interpersonal and intuitive skills to help others.

Renée has a wide range of experience working with children and adults with disabilities alongside professional RMTs and Allied Health Practitioners. As a RMT Renée is dedicated to contributing to her local community to create a safe therapeutic space for children, adults and elderly with a wide range of abilities. 

Renée mindfully works in the present moment to intuitively connect with clients, giving them space to self express, develop communication skills, enhance social engagement plus much more through music and music related activities. From her previous job, Renée also has extensive experience working with the general population as a level 3 Allied Health Assistant  within a physical rehabilitation unit.